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Xavi thinks La Liga referees are favoring Real Madrid: ‘Even a blind man can see it’

The boss is not happy with the officiating htis season

FC Barcelona Vs CA Osasuna - La Liga EA Sports Photo by Gongora/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernández is leaving the club at the end of the season and has decided to say everything that is on his mind, and he’s now decided to go after the standard of officiating in Spain.

Barça have been on the receiving end of some poor decisions in recent weeks, while at the same time leaders Real Madrid have seen quite a few controversial calls go their way as they’ve climbed to the top of the table. VAR conversations have been leaked, a whole lot of noise has been created, and referees are now under even more pressure with coaches all over the league criticizing them.

And during a press conference on Friday, Xavi offered his two cents on the situation and made it quite clear what he thinks of the calls going in Madrid’s favor recently.

“I don’t like that they are influencing referees and they are doing it every week. I think it adulterates the competition a bit. I am not the president of the Federation or the president of the League, but I am incredibly surprised that we allow this situation, because it completely alters the competition. It happens week after week. Even a blind man can see what is happening. Cholo Simeone said it the other day, that we are not stupid. Everyone is seeing it, but it is the media that has to say it.”

I personally don’t like focusing on refereeing, because it all tends to even out over time. And with everything going on with the infamous “Negreira Case”, every complaint about officiating from the Barça side is met with intense cynicism even if the arguments are good.

Xavi’s comments might have some truth to them, but they certainly don’t help and they won’t change anything. But it doesn’t look like Xavi wants to help anything or anyone with his comments to the media at the moment.

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