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Valverde talks about the key moments of Barcelona’s season so far

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Real Madrid v Barcelona - La Liga Photo by fotopress/Getty Images

It’s far to say Ernesto Valverde enjoyed a pretty happy Christmas season after going into the break top of the table and on the back of a 3-0 Clasico win.

Barcelona are back in action on Thursday with a Copa del Rey clash against Celta Vigo and ahead of the game he’s been talking to Barca TV.

The coach talked about a wide range of topics, but perhaps most interesting are what he thinks were the key moments of the season. Here’s what he’s had to say...

“Everyone’s looking at El Clasico because we began wth two pre-season games againt Madrid, what they meant, what this one meant but here have been plenty of moments throughout the season that were key, that’s the way I see it.

“The home game against Juventus, because that was one of our first games, and the first game of the Champions League and we were only just beginning.

“The comeback against Getafe, that was one of those games that was tough. How we were able to turn it around despite it bring a difficult day.

“Teams tend to be measured in terms of adversity and the problems they have, because when things are going well everything appears to be simple. So to take some shots and see the team overcome them, I think that’s positive.

“It’s like coming from behind to win a game. You have to emphasise the game like the one against Getafe, because we went behind on the scoreboard. we started to feel like we were wondering where the game was going.

“It wasn’t very comfortable, let’s see if we could pull it out and in the end the team did it and we turned the game around. I think those things thelp you out, overcoming such difficulties is good.

“I remember the first game against Betis. The atmosphere at their stadium was a little strange and little by little, we also had help from our fans, and we were happy because we managed to avoid being pessimistic and ended up being optimistic.”

Source | FC Barcelona

Do you agree with Valverde? Let us know what you think have been the most important matches for Barcelona so far this season in the comments below!