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Ernesto Valverde expects a tough Real Madrid in El Clasico

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The matches are coming thick and fast

FC Barcelona Training Session and Press Conference Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde discussed the upcoming El Clasico and more in an interview after the club’s win over Inter Milan in the Champions League. The Barcelona manager talked about how tough Real Madrid would be in the upcoming game despite their recent struggles.

“Madrid can be even more dangerous,” Valverde said.

”They will come out here to face us and although they come in crisis will want to demonstrate their strength, which they have because they have great players.

”We must forget about today... I do not trust these situations.”

What Valverde is emphasizing and what is most certainly true is that despite Real Madrid’s strange season thus far, an El Clasico matchup will certainly bring out the best in both sides. The same goes for Lionel Messi missing out on the Clasico, both teams are capable of greatness.