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Carles Puyol says Arthur should stop being compared to Xavi

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The former captain gave his opinion of the Brazilian

FC Barcelona v FC Internazionale - UEFA Champions League Group B Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Carles Puyol wants comparisons between Arthur and Xavi to stop, as he feels it’s placing unnecessary pressure on the young Brazilian.

Arthur has forced his way into the team in the last few weeks and has produced performances which have revived memories of the former Barcelona midfielder.

Puyol seems to have been impressed with Arthur but says he should be left alone to grow at the Camp Nou.

“What happens is that comparing any player with Xavi are big words. In that comparison he’s going to lose and it’s a pressure on Arthur that I think we do not have to put on his back,” he said.

“Let him grow, make his football and not compare with Xavi Hernández. If he is in Barcelona it is because he has seen qualities and that he has the characteristics to play in this club. And he’s showing it.”

Source | Sport

Arthur was taken on off in the win over Inter Milan due to fears over his fitness, but he should be fit enough to play Real Madrid on Sunday.