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Player Ratings: Barcelona 1-0 Real Sociedad

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Barcelona v Villarreal - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Had quite a bit of work to do during the game and generally did well. Had great support from Pique and Alba and thus was at ease during the 90 mins.

Rating: 6

Nelson Semedo

Standout performance of the season, played really well and like Dembele, had quite few tricks up his sleeve. Defensively he was rock solid, covered Oyarzabal well and had a pretty decent outing as an attacker.

Rating: 7

Gerard Pique

Deserves more recognition as one of the word’s best defenders this season. Had a great time bossing the defence and covered Willian Jose pretty well.

Rating: 7.5

Yerry Mina

Good performance but needs to think quickly when he has the ball. Nice passing skills, especially picking out attackers through long balls but defensively made quite a few mistakes. Humbling by Januzaj showed he needs to focus more.

Rating: 6.5

Jordi Alba

Probably the most versatile left back in the league right now. Sorry Januzaj and Elustondo (at somepoint), he bossed both of you in every aspect there is. Was everywhere down the left. Provided great support to ter Stegen as well. Combination with Iniesta was beautiful and had a great attacking contribution as well.

Rating: 8

Ivan Rakitic

Pretty much the new-improved version, he applied pressure when needed and pretty much read Illarramendi’s mind. Took one yellow for the team, proved that he has what it takes to be a Blaugrana midfieder. A few more years and he’s a Barca legend.

Rating: 7

Sergio Busquets

Was defensively inept a few times but managed to play well nevertheless. With 98% passing accuracy and a well-oiled mechanism to distribute the ball everywhere, his passing game was strong.

Rating: 6.5

Andres Iniesta

Star man and he is one of the rarest of the breed statistics fail to define. Dictated the tempo like an astute orchestrator and those chips down the penalty box: beautiful. Combined amazingly with Alba and Coutinho down the flanks and left the field amidst a bustling crowd full of emotions. We’ll miss you forever, goodbye legend.

Rating: 8

Ousmane Dembele

This is the Dembele we have been raring to see and up he came. Threatened Elustondo and caused infinite problems down the flanks but a thing still remains: his indecisiveness when he has the ball, especially near the penalty box. Other than that, he had a great game.

Rating: 7

Luis Suarez

The inability to convert in the final third was the main concern and Suarez has to be at its centre. Was effective at times as a striker, over-elaborated the game by unwanted passing and got a yellow card because why not? An assist to Coutinho was intended to be a pass, but somehow the Brazilian magician converted. He has to know when to pass and when to shoot and thereby up his game come next season.

Rating: 6.5

Philippe Coutinho

Had a quiet 25 minutes in the first half and was initially finding it difficult connecting the play. But had a revelation in the second as he banged in quite a stunner. Good combination with Don Andres and Alba in the later stages. What Robben has been doing all his lifetime down the right, he’s starting to do from the left. Simply amazing.

Rating: 7

Denis Suarez

Has a future at Barca and rightly got the nod of his manager. Missed a howler in the second half when Messi created a great chance. Active participation while attacking and no loss of intensity are his attributes and that, he displayed.

Rating: 6.5

Lionel Messi

Seriously, the man can do anything. Was in a more deeper position this time around but bossed it like a pro. Created some fine chances and was clearly not happy about them being not converted. Another great performance from the GOAT

Rating: 7

Paco Alcacer

Came on too late for a rating, sorry Paco.


Man of the match

Jordi Alba


Overall, a match that was dominated totally by the home side courtesy of Iniesta and his magical tempo. A match that will be forever remembered as Iniesta’s last performance as he brings down curtain on his stellar Barcelona career. Thank you for everything, legend.