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Give Andres Iniesta the ball and he turns into Superman, says Thierry Henry

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Barcelona v Numancia - La Liga Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Thierry Henry has come up with a pretty glowing tribute to Andres Iniesta as the midfielder prepares to leave Barcelona at the end of the season.

The two played together at the Camp Nou and Henry has talked about his former team-mate and how he turns into Superman when he’s in possession of a football.

“Andres is the guy who, first and foremost, does his talking with the ball. He’s not very vocal off the field, you won’t see a lot of interviews with him, but when he has the ball he can talk for days.

”I always think, when you look at him, if he walked past with a cap you wouldn’t even know it was him. Chilling, low key, not doing anything - you throw him a ball and he turns into Superman.

“You can’t grab him, he’ll play one-twos to get past you, it’s annoying. But it’s all in his head. Look at him - did he have a little two-three step to get past you? Yeah. Was he quick? Not really. Was he strong? Not really.”

Source | Sky Sports

Barcelona have just four games left and Iniesta’s time is rapidly running out. He’s missed training with the team this week but will hopefully be fit to play some part in his last ever Clasico on Sunday.