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Here’s what Gerard Pique told Nacho at half-time in El Clasico

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Barcelona v Sevilla - Spanish Copa del Rey Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Athletes are usually pretty quiet about their true feelings regarding referees and their decisions off the pitch. If they do react, it’s a well put together statement that somehow makes the decisions seem stupid without getting themselves in trouble.

What’s always fun is when you can catch the players on or off the pitch saying what they really think, unedited. Well, we got something along the unedited lines when Barcelona defender Gerard Pique was caught on camera winding up Nacho by telling him how Barcelona won the league even with a certain type of refereeing.

“You know we won the league even with these shit decisions”

Gerard Pique | Source

Honesty is always nice, and sometimes funny. Pique telling this to Real Madrid’s Nacho made it even better. Nacho responded with his honest viewpoint.

“How can you complain, if they have already expelled us 17 times already?”

Nacho | Source