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El Clasico in New York isn’t an option says La Liga chief

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Javier Tebas talks Barcelona v Real Madrid

Barcelona v Real Madrid - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

La Liga president Javier Tebas was asked this week if a regular season match between Real Madrid and Barcelona was viable to take place in New York City, or in North America in general.

The question was shot down without much wiggle room from Tebas, leading to at least some good press for a moment regarding La Liga’s choice to play a game in the United States.

“No,” said Tebas when asked if the match could be played in New York or Beijing.

“Logistically, the Clasico in New York is not viable. At least the league Clasico.”

Source | El Mundo

A regular season Clasico not taking place in Spain would be incredibly jarring. Which probably leads to a conclusion that most La Liga fixtures not played in Spain will be jarring for everyone involved, for better or worse.