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Roger Federer has a pop at Gerard Pique over Davis Cup plans

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The tournament is set for a revamp

Mutua Madrid Open - Day Seven Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Tennis legend Roger Federer has had a little pop at Barcelona defender Gerard Pique over plans to change the Davis Cup.

Pique’s company Kosmos has agreed plans with the International Tennis Federation to revamp the tournament and turn it into a kind of tennis World Cup.

Federer, who is currently in New York at the U.S. Open, doesn’t seem all too impressed with Pique’s ideas.

“For us tennis players it’s a bit strange to see a footballer come into our world. He should be careful. The Davis Cup should not become the Piqué Cup.”

Roger Federer | RTS Sport

The news plans for the Davis Cup are seen as controversial and Pique has explained why he thinks a change is needed.

“Sometimes things have to change, or they have the risk to die,” he said.

”I can understand for a very traditional tournament like the Davis Cup, it’s difficult for people and they have doubts.

”Everyone agrees that change has to be done, but there are some people who think it needs other changes and that is something I can understand.

Gerard Pique | BBC World Service

Barcelona gave Pique time off last week to attend the ITF’s AGM where the proposals for the new Davis Cup were agreed.

The changes are due to come into effect in 2019 when 18 team will contest the Davis Cup in a season-finale event.