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Lionel Messi says La Liga has become more competitive

The GOAT reckons winning the title is getting complicated

Barcelona V Mallorca Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Lionel Messi believes that the competition in La Liga has grown considerably in the last decade. The Argentine wonder said that the gap between Barcelona, Real Madrid, and the rest of the competition has waned.

“Everything is becoming more and more even,”he said.

”They have been for several years and we notice that there is more equality, that any team beats any other team, which is increasingly difficult to play as an away team.

”The teams have become stronger at home because they know that in order to achieve their goals they must do it well at home.

”This makes everything more equal and more complicated.”

Messi | Source

It remains to be seen if that gap has closed so much so that a non-Madrid or Barcelona team will win the league. 2003-04 was the last time that happened with Valencia coming out on top.

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