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Barcelona director aims subtle warning at Philippe Coutinho

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The Brazilian has struggled recently

Athletic Club v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Barcelona director of institutional and sporting relations came out and spoke about Philippe Coutinho’s performance at the club. It was a pretty loaded quote but in the end comes out and supports Coutinho in his endeavors at the club.

“At the beginning with Coutinho we were happy and have always been happy. We have to give him chances and he’ll take them,” he said.

“He’s always shown his quality. He takes risks, he tries. It feels as if everyone is watching what he does, the poor guy. But we believe he’ll carry on going forward.”

Guillermo Amor | Source

How Coutinho performs in the Champions League and the final stretch of La Liga games coming up are essential to how his career will play out long term at Barcelona.