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Atlético Madrid denounce Barcelona, attempt to block Antoine Griezmann from playing in La Liga

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The Madrid club do not want Griezmann to play until Barcelona pay an additional 80 million

Barcelona v Chelsea - Preseason Friendly Photo by Hiroki Watanabe/Getty Images

Atlético Madrid have formally denounced Barcelona over the Antoine Griezmann transfer, hoping to block the Frenchman from playing until Barça hand over 80 million euro.

La Liga’s president, Javier Tebas, has confirmed the existence of such a move, which had already been rumored, in an interview with Onda Cero. He says there will be a resolution to the dispute in the coming days.

Griezmann’s release clause lowered from 200 million to 120 million this past July 1st, and the Frenchman did not sign for Barça until a few days after that. However, Atlético say that Griezmann and Barcelona already had an agreement prior to the reduction of the clause, so the Catalans should pay the remaining 80 million of the 200 million clause. Because of this, Atlético say Griezmann’s license to play in La Liga should be invalid.

They will present their argument to the Licensing Committee, which has opened the case for arguments to be lodged. The legal director has 15 days to announce a decision. Both parties can appeal the ruling to the Licensing Committee. There is already a case opened by the Spanish Federation and the Competition Committee, although Diario SPORT says there’s little chance the will side with Atléti. A light sanction could be in order, but not the 80 million payment.

The last recourse for Atlético is filing a legal suit.