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Barcelona Match Recaps

Cádiz 0-0 Barça: Recap

Another horrible game

Barça 1-1 Granada: Recap

Araujo is a monster, but the team was so bad

Sabadell 1-3 Barça B: Recap

An excellent performance and a deserved victory

Barça 0-3 Bayern: Recap

Another destruction at the hands of the Bavarians

Barça B 0-0 Costa Brava: Recap

Another bad result for Barça B

Betis 0-5 Barça Femení: Recap

Another dominant display from the champs

Barça Femení 5-0 Granadilla: Recap

Business as usual for the champs

Barça 2-1 Getafe: Recap

Despite the win, this was bad.

Athletic 1-1 Barça: Recap

Athletic were as tough as advertised and Barça showed good fight in the second half

Barça 4-2 Sociedad: Recap

A very encouraging start to a new era

Barça 3-0 Juventus: Recap

A strong win to start life without the GOAT

Salzburg 2-1 Barça: Recap

A truly terrible performance just 10 days before the start of the La Liga season

Stuttgart 0-3 Barça: Recap

Three good goals and another victory

Barça 3-1 Girona: Recap

Another strong showing for Barça

Barça 4-0 Gimnastic: Recap

A strong start to the new campaign and plenty of good work from the youngsters

Eibar 0-1 Barça: Recap

A bad performance, but third place is guaranteed.

Barça 1-2 Celta: Recap

Another disaster.

Levante 3-3 Barça: Recap

Another disaster. And this coach is so, so bad.

Barça 0-0 Atleti: Recap

Zero urgency in the biggest game of the season. Just awful.

Valencia 2-3 Barça: Recap

What a game!

Barça 1-2 Granada: Recap

What a disaster.

Villarreal 1-2 Barça: Recap

A brilliant first half was enough to get all three points

Barça 5-2 Getafe: Recap

A flat performance but three big points in the title race

Athletic 0-4 Barça: Recap


R. Madrid 2-1 Barça: Recap

A huge setback in the title race.

Barça 1-0 Valladolid: Recap

Bad performance, huge victory.

Sociedad 1-6 Barça: Recap


Barça 4-1 Huesca: Recap

A comfortable night and three big points!

Barça squad named for Huesca

Ronald Koeman has called up XX players for Monday’s match

PSG 1-1 Barça: Recap

An amazing performance and a graceful exit from the European Cup

Osasuna 0-2 Barça: Recap

Three comfortable points and a key victory in Pamplona

Barça 3-0 Sevilla: Recap