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Barcelona Match Recaps

Barça 0-2 Villarreal: Recap

A depressing defeat in the season finale

Barça Femení 1-3 Lyon (UWCL Final): Recap

A painful defeat against the most dominant women’s team ever

Getafe 0-0 Barça: Recap

The most boring 90 minutes of the season

Barça 3-1 Celta: Recap

A solid performance and three more points

Betis 1-2 Barça: Recap

Champions League qualification is now official after a sensational football match

Barça 2-1 Mallorca: Recap

A crucial win in the Top 4 race

Barça 0-1 Rayo: Recap

The refereeing was an absolute joke, but Barça deserved to lose once again

Barça 5-1 Wolfsburg (UWCL): Recap

Another historic victory for a historic team

Sociedad 0-1 Barça: Recap

An epic victory against the toughest team in the league

Barça 0-1 Cádiz: Recap

The bad vibes continue

Barça 2-3 Frankfurt: Recap

A painful defeat to end the European journey

Levante 2-3 Barça: Recap


Frankfurt 1-1 Barça: Recap

Not a good performance, but an important result on the road

Barça 1-0 Sevilla: Recap


Barça 5-2 Madrid (UWCL): Recap

A historic night for women’s football, and an amazing win for the world’s best team

Madrid 1-3 Barça (UWCL): Recap

They were not at their best, but still found a way to win

Madrid 0-4 Barça: Recap


Galatasaray 1-2 Barça: Recap

As tough as advertised, and a big reaction to get the job done

Barça 4-0 Osasuna: Recap

No complacency this time. Fantastic performance.

Barça 0-0 Galatasaray: Recap

A frustrating night for Barça

Elche 1-2 Barça: Recap

Huge character, huge three points

Barça 4-0 Athletic: Recap

Excellent performance, very good goals, three more points. Great night.

Napoli 2-4 Barça: Recap

An impressive win for the visitors

Valencia 1-4 Barça: Recap


Barça 1-1 Napoli: Recap

The tie should have been put to bed, but Barça just could not hit the target

Espanyol 2-2 Barça: Recap

A crazy game, and Barça remain in the Top 4

Barça 4-2 Atleti: Recap


Alavés 0-1 Barça: Recap

A bad performance but a big win

Athletic 3-2 Barça: Recap

A brutal defeat, but going out of the Cup is not even the worst part.

Barça 2-3 Madrid (AET): Recap

Barça gave the La Liga leaders 120 minutes of hell but eventually fell short

Granada 1-1 Barça: Recap

As tough as advertised and a valuable point in a weird game

Linares 1-2 Barça: Recap

Barça had to work very hard but got the win anyways