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Barcelona Match Recaps

Celta 2-1 Barça: Recap

A bittersweet ending to a great season

Barça 3-0 Mallorca: Recap

A beautiful victory on a beautiful night

Valladolid 3-1 Barça: Recap

20 terrible minutes to begin the game, and not good enough the rest of the night

Barça 1-2 Sociedad: Recap

An anticlimatic way to celebrate the title

Espanyol 2-4 Barça: Recap


Barça 1-0 Osasuna: Recap


Barça 4-0 Betis: Recap

A very good night for the leaders

Rayo 2-1 Barça: Recap

A bad night in the capital for the leaders

Barça 1-0 Atlético: Recap

An excellent performance, a dramatic finish, and three giant points

Getafe 0-0 Barça: Recap

Another disgusting display

Barça 0-0 Girona: Recap

A terrible performance and an undeserved point

Barça 0-4 Madrid: Recap

A very bad night, and the dreams of a double are over

Elche 0-4 Barça: Recap

A comfortable victory on the road to the title

Barça 2-1 Madrid: Recap

A massive victory and a giant step towards the title

Athletic 0-1 Barça: Recap

As brutal as it gets, and a huge win in the title race

Barça 1-0 Valencia: Recap


Madrid 0-1 Barça: Recap

A very impressive team victory

Almería 1-0 Barça: Recap

A terrible performance and a deserved defeat

Man United 2-1 Barça (4-3 agg): Recap

A painful defeat in the second leg

Barça 2-0 Cádiz: Recap

Cádiz did Cádiz things, but Barça found a way

Villarreal 0-1 Barça: Recap

Three more points thanks to Europe’s best backline

Barça 3-0 Sevilla: Recap

A great performance and three more points

Betis 1-2 Barça: Recap

A very good performance and a huge win

Barça 1-0 Sociedad: Recap

La Real were as tough as advertised, but Barça are through

Barça 1-0 Getafe: Recap

A bad performance, but an important win

Ceuta 0-5 Barça: Recap

As comfortable as it gets for Xavi’s men

Madrid 1-3 Barça: Recap


Betis 2-2 Barça (2-4 pens): Recap


Atlético 0-1 Barça: Recap


Intercity 3-4 Barça: Recap

Barça made it a lot tougher than they needed to, but they are through to the next round

Barça 1-1 Espanyol: Recap

Two points dropped and a poor second half, but the referee unfortunately is the story

Osasuna 1-2 Barça: Recap


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