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Barcelona Match Recaps

Mallorca 0-1 Barça: Recap

A lot of character and three big points to kick off the New Year

Sevilla 1-1 Barça: Recap

A very strong performance to finish the year

Barça 3-2 Elche: Recap

It became a lot harder than it should have been

Barcelona 1-1 (2-4 on pens) Boca Juniors: Match Recap

Ferran Jutgla scored a cracker but Barca lost on penalties

Osasuna 2-2 Barça: Recap

A truly terrible game

Bayern 3-0 Barça: Recap

A predictable end to Barça’s Champions League journey

Barça 0-1 Betis: Recap

A brutal defeat at home

Villarreal 1-3 Barça: Recap

A bad performance but three big points

Barça 0-0 Benfica: Recap

A disappointing result, and the Europa League looks like a real possibility now

Barça 1-0 Espanyol: Recap

The Xavi Era is off to a winning start, but it was far from easy

Hoffenheim 0-5 Barça Femení: Recap

Five-star performance from the champs

Barça 4-0 Hoffenheim: Recap

Another brilliant performance from the champions

Celta 3-3 Barça: Recap

A brutal result at Balaídos. As always.

Dynamo 0-1 Barça: Recap

A huge win in Ukraine!

Barça 1-1 Alavés: Recap

Disappointing result, but an encouraging performance

Rayo 1-0 Barça: Recap

Another horrible night in a season full of horrible nights

Barça 1-2 Madrid: Recap

Neither team looked good, but Barça looked a little worse

Barça 1-0 Dynamo: Recap

An awful performance, but a crucial victory

Barça 3-1 Valencia: Grit & Grind

Three valuable points in a very tough match

Atleti 0-3 Barça Femení: Recap

The champions made easy work of the second best team in the land

Atleti 2-0 Barça: Recap

First loss of the league season, and another depressing performance

Benfica 3-0 Barça: Recap

Another European disaster

Barça 3-0 Levante: Recap

A perfect day at Camp Nou

Barça Femení 8-0 Valencia: Recap

What a performance!

Barça B 2-1 Linense: Recap

Three more points!

Cádiz 0-0 Barça: Recap

Another horrible game

Barça 1-1 Granada: Recap

Araujo is a monster, but the team was so bad

Sabadell 1-3 Barça B: Recap

An excellent performance and a deserved victory

Barça 0-3 Bayern: Recap

Another destruction at the hands of the Bavarians

Barça B 0-0 Costa Brava: Recap

Another bad result for Barça B

Betis 0-5 Barça Femení: Recap

Another dominant display from the champs

Barça Femení 5-0 Granadilla: Recap

Business as usual for the champs