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Carles Puyol tells Barcelona to get their priorities straight after Real Madrid's Champions League victory

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Media Interviews - 2018 Laureus World Sports Awards - Monaco Photo by Boris Streubel/Getty Images for Laureus

A Barcelona legend has come out and expressed his frustrations with the team’s priorities after another Real Madrid Champions League victory. Carles Puyol discussed his frustrations with the team on Monday just two days after Real Madrid won their fourth Champions League trophy in five years.

“I am convinced that we have a better team than Madrid, but they have won four of the last five Champions Leagues,” Puyol told La Vanguardia.

“I think the solution comes from getting our priorities straight. We’re losing an opportunity and I’m furious about that as a Barca fan.

“Winning the treble is extremely hard as statistics shows, so I think the most sensible thing would be to relegate the King’s Cup.

“Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing in the final, but the path there should be for the reserves and the young players to show if they are good enough or not.”

Carles Puyol | Source

The frustrations are pretty rational and valid. Frankly it's nice to see a former player express frustrations in a calm competent way instead of freaking out irrationally. Puyol makes some good points, probably thinking along the same lines that most Barcelona fans around the world are feeling.