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Transfer Rumor Silliness: Isco transfer from Real Madrid to Barcelona confirmed by SNACKS


Chips in the US, also known as crisps in the UK, also known as ORACLES OF TRANSFER RUMORS. This is what we have been reduced to as we ponder the sensational switch Isco Alarcon is said to be considering: leaving Real Madrid to join Barcelona.

How can this be? Well, Isco uploaded the following picture to his official Instagram:

Do you see it? DO YOU SEE IT?

Yes, that’s right. Isco or one of his associates seems to be eating from a Barça-branded snack pack. Isco noticed and re-uploaded the picture sans the offending chips later, but don’t think the internet didn’t notice.

So, of course the papers in Barcelona are asking “is this a wink from Isco to Barcelona? Is his transfer imminent?”

I mean to be perfectly fair it’s a little weird Isco had Barça chips anywhere near him during his meal, I guess. But on the other hand, trying to read some sort of transfer plea out of a greasy snack food is a bit much, don’t you think? Maybe his friend just really likes that particular flavor.

Hmm let’s see what an online review says...

The novelty of having a football club's crisps.. doesn't make up for shoddy crisp making.

Guess not. Man. I surrender. The chips have spoken. Accept your new oracle.

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