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Eriksen plays down Barcelona talk or does he?

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This whole thing is getting quite confusing now

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Christian Eriksen sure seems to like talking about Barcelona or maybe it’s simply a case of repeatedly being asked about the club by reporters, who knows?

However, fresh from his recent comments where he happily admitted "there are not many who say no to Barcelona" the Denmark international has been at it again.

This time he’s clear he’s had no contact from Barca, before appearing to say a move to Camp Nou would be a "dream" and then finishing it off by claiming that despite that, he could still turn the club down.

Confused? Well make your own mind up, these are the quotes as reported by Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet

"There is nothing from Barcelona,” Eriksen said. “It’s a hypothetical question, if it happens.

“You can dream and hope the opportunity arises. But if it doesn’t, you can’t decide on it.

“Everyone dreams of the opportunity to move to clubs. Whether it ends with a yes or no, you choose that.

“[Former Liverpool defender Daniel] Agger said no [to Barcelona]. It may be I’m in the same situation. I’ll take a position when it comes.”

The plot thickens too, the newspaper also carries quotes from Denmark boss Åge Hareide who has also had his say on the whole Eriksen to Barcelona speculation.

“Christian can play everywhere. He will also be ready to take the greatest leap in his career," he said.

"Christian has proven he can handle all situations. He has good conditions under a sensible trainer who uses him right at Tottenham.

“It will be an even bigger circus with even greater pressure in Barcelona, ​​but Christian is the kind who can handle it.”

So what do we make of all that? It seems fairly clear there has been no approach from Barcelona for Eriksen yet and we have no way of knowing if they are interested or if the speculation has simply arisen because he seems like the type of player who might fit in nicely, particularly now.

Is Eriksen interested? It’s hard to say from his comments, but what seems certain is that, he’s probably going to get asked again real soon.