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Patrick Kluivert says PSG "will not allow" Marco Verratti to join Barcelona

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The former Barça striker and PSG director says the midfielder's move to Catalonia is "very unlikely"

FYR Macedonia v Italy - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Former Barcelona striker Patrick Kluivert used to be part of the Paris Saint-Germain board of directors, and the Dutchman has made Barça fans cry with an interview to Spanish television.

Speaking to La Sexta, Kluivert was asked about Barça's pursuit of PSG midfielder Marco Verratti, who is the biggest target of the summer for the Catalan club. Negotiating with PSG is a near impossible task, and Kluivert made that even clearer. According to him, Verratti moving to Barça is kinda not happening right now.

"I know the PSG president very well and I also know that Verratti wants to go to Barcelona, but PSG will not allow. It's very unlikely.

"I think Verratti is worth 100 million euros. If the player is unhappy, at the end of the day the decision belongs to PSG."

Source: La Sexta via UOL

So yeah, we probably shouldn't be that excited about Verratti joining Barça this summer. Time to look for alternatives?