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Verratti: Stop talking about me!

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The midfielder has sent a message to the press

Italy Training Session And Press Conference Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Let's be honest, you've probably read enough about Marco Verratti today, but if you've come this far, you may as well stick with it, as the Italian has now attempted to clarify quotes attributed to him in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

In case you missed it (where were you?) Verratti claimed he could stay at Paris Saint-Germain, provided the club invested heavily to improve the squad this summer.

Fairly scathing quotes, but within hours, Verratti had posted a cryptic post on Instagram Stories, seeming to suggest the interview was false.

It's also worth pointing out now, that the journalist who wrote the article, Alessandro Grandesso, has taken to social media to stand by his story tweeting: "7 years of professionalism. I confirm everything.”

So where does that leave us? Well back to Verratti who has taken to Instagram Stories again, to let us know his thoughts.

"I've not given an interview to anyone and I've never discussed with PSG what was explained in the article in that way," he wrote.

"I hope that you will stop talking about what you know nothing about. Everyone has their limit."

Maybe Verratti's right, maybe we should stop talking about him.

We could always just talk about Paulinho instead?