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Paulinho contemplates Barça offer; Guangzhou not interested

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Scolari relies on the Brazilian midfielder

Brazil v Paraguay - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Qualifier

Brazilian midfielder Paulinho has been subject to interest from Barcelona, much to the surprise of the entire footballing community.

The former Tottenham flop has rejuvenated his career in China with Guangzhou under Luiz Felipe Scolari. Having confirmed that he received an offer from Barcelona, the player said he is yet to make a decision on whether or not he wants to leave.

“(Barcelona) contacted my agent. There is an offer, but in life and also in my career I find myself at a very happy stage now. When you are at such a stage, it's difficult to make a decision”


Coach Scolari, however, insisted that the midfielder remains a key figure in his side and also mentioned how the €40m release clause is the only figure at which the Chinese will negotiate.

"His release clause is 40 million euros and none of the Chinese clubs will let their key players go because it would be difficult and expensive to find a replacement due to the new rules."

—Luiz Felipe Scolari

While Paulinho indeed has shown good form in the Chinese Super League, €40m is still a very high price to pay for an inconsistent midfielder who failed to keep up with the pace of the Premier League; La Liga is quicker and more technical.

Hopefully, Scolari’s stance will force Barça to look elsewhere.

(Source: Sport)