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Indecision has defined the Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona saga

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Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

When I think about the Barcelona and Philippe Coutinho transfer saga I think of indecision. Reports that have gone all over the place from believing that the deal was so close it was almost complete last summer, to reports that this deal was off and probably not going to happen even in January.

Now we’re in a place where the deal is reportedly very close. Now we’ve been in this place before where the deal was said to be close, according to the Catalan press, but this time it REALLY looks like it may happen, with Liverpool journalists now expecting a transfer to go through.

Getting to this point has felt like it’s taken years off of Barcelona and Liverpool reporters’ lives. Despite feeling like this has been going on forever, it has really only been going on in earnest since last summer. A mere six or seven months is in reality not that long for a big transfer to come to fruition.

Liverpool FC Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

What makes this transfer saga strange is that it seems like Liverpool have flip-flopped on the matter. But in reality they’ve stuck their noses up at Barcelona’s multiple offers last summer and held out for €150m if not more for the star Brazilian.

It seems as if everyone has a price, and Barcelona are nearing the price that makes Liverpool comfortable with selling him. If Barcelona really want Coutinho, and Liverpool have given them a price then the wait on the negotiation seems to be frivolous. If there’s this much indecision on how much Coutinho is worth to Barcelona, perhaps the answer is in the indecision.

Either way, we seem to be nearing the conclusion of this saga. Hopefully, by the end of the transfer window, Coutinho will be nicely settled in his home, wherever that may be.