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Başakşehir confirm they are hoping to seal Arda Turan transfer

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Barcelona v Real Betis - La Liga

Turkish club Başakşehir have issued an official statement regarding the club’s interactions with Barcelona’s Arda Turan.

It appears as if they’re getting closer to a deal as Başakşehir deals with Barcelona leadership.

“I would like to make an official statement about the details reflected in the press between Arda Turan and our club:

“We made a series of interviews after Arda’s prospect of leaving Barcelona, and we sent our club lawyer to Spain last Sunday. As a result of some positive developments, our rebels came to Spain to come together with Mustafa Saral, Mesut Altan, Ömer Ayvacı and the player representative and Barcelona club officials. I also came to Spain to learn how he really feels about playing in Medipol Başaksehir, if the Inter-club agreement is provided with them, to talk to Arda in person.

“While our team and player representative interviewed a series of days, I spent time with Arda and he was ready to go back to the summit, that he would be very happy to wear the Medipol Basaksehir jersey, I saw his ambition, his desire, listened to his goals, Afterwards, a meeting was held with the CEO of Barcelona Club Oscar Gomar.

“In short, I can say that Arda is eager and ambitious, very enthusiastic towards us, the club is looking forward to giving us the player, although it is a great cost for us, especially if our two major sponsors are ready to make this transfer happen I return with a positive impression in principle due to the great sacrifices it has.

“Of course I understand the excitement of sports media, and I’m experiencing the same excitement. But we have to respect the institutional structure of the Barcelona club and wait for the procedures to be completed for the transfer to occur. Although we agree on many issues in principle, there are still a few steps to be taken in the fleet. My team, the player representative and the Barcelona club officials are in contact. I hope they will return with a positive outcome.”


Göksel Gümüşdağ


One of Barca’s priorities this winter is to offload Arda Turan, who hasn’t played a single minute so far this season, and it certainly seems that the Super Lig leaders are keen.