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Barcelona must pay an extra €100m for Liverpool players until 2020 - report

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The Brazilian was a costly purchase

FC Internazionale v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Group B Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Barcelona have apparently have been made to pay by Liverpool for signing Philippe Coutinho last summer.

Details have emerged that Liverpool sporting director Michael Edwards insisted on a clause which means Barcelona must pay an extra €100 million on top of whatever transfer they wish to make with Liverpool until 2020, according to Paul Joyce at The Times.

It seems like this is a reaction to how the Coutinho deal went down. Liverpool seem to have been so disgusted with how Barcelona and Coutinho made things happen they literally future protected themselves against the inevitable Mohamed Salah to Barcelona rumors next summer.

This makes it pretty unlikely that any Liverpool players will be moving to Barcelona anytime soon. On a personal note, I find this spitefulness hilarious and everything that I want from world class football clubs.