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Arthur: We are close to an agreement with Barcelona

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Gremio v Lanus - Copa Bridgestone Libertadores 2017 Final Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

The move that has been suspected for quite some time is seemingly close to being complete. Barcelona are reportedly close to an agreement with Gremio for Arthur’s services.

“I have a contract with Grêmio. I have not signed anything with Barcelona. Talks are well underway, but I am a Grêmio player. I am going to dedicate myself to winning here as much as possible. We are close to an agreement, but there are still some issues to be finalised. Things could move forward next week.”

Arthur | Source

This move has been long rumored but thought to be some time away given Gremio’s reluctance to sell the player. However, money talks, and Barcelona seem to have found a price that would satisfy Gremio’s demands.

According to the report Manchester United were also very interested in Arthur which may increase Barcelona’s desire to have the deal wrapped up sooner rather than later.