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Timo Werner says World Cup not an audition for Barcelona or Real Madrid

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Napoli v RB Leipzig - UEFA Europa League Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Timo Werner is someone who is often the target of transfer rumors for Barcelona, Real Madrid, or other large clubs around the world. His skill and youth make him a tantalizing target for any club.

One of the byproducts of the World Cup are players like Timo Werner having a chance to shine at the event. A great performance at a world event can make young players all the more appealing to a large club, just ask Renato Sanches or James Rodriguez.

However, Werner apparently doesn’t see it like that. He said in an interview recently that the World Cup isn’t him playing for the likes of big clubs to see him.

“The World Cup is not about auditioning for Barcelona, Madrid, Liverpool or whoever,”

“But I want to become world champion and then I want to attack again with RB Leipzig.

”I’m not dealing with any thoughts of change.”

Timo Werner | Source

Werner has the right mindset for sure, but that won’t stop Barcelona and other clubs from simply doing their homework.