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Samuel Umtiti talks Barcelona contract renewal and Antoine Griezmann

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France v Colombia - International Friendly Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

Samuel Umtiti has been talking while on international duty with France and unsurprisingly was asked about how his contract renewal was coming along and also, predictably, about the possibility of Antoine Griezmann arriving at Barcelona.

The defender said nothing had really progressed with regards a new contract but seemed remarkably relaxed about the whole thing. He also feels Griezmann will be a good buy.

“For my contract extension, I look at my phone but nothing has advanced,” he said.

“It will not bother me if it is not fixed before the World Cup because a few months have passed since the negotiations began. It is important to resolve this case before the start of the World Cup. For my part, it will be done,

“Griezmann is a fantastic player, we know his qualities and in any group he would be important. In Barcelona he could give us very good things.”

Source | Mundo Deportivo

It all sounds pretty positive from Umtiti but we’d all probably feel a lot better if Barcelona could just get on with it, particularly because he has such a low release clause.