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Barcelona consultant Braida says he’s a big fan of Rabiot

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Paris Saint-Germain v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Barcelona’s international football consultant Ariedo Braida revealed his admiration for Paris Saint-Germain’s Adrien Rabiot.

“I haven’t been following the market that much lately, but in terms of a player who I like, I am a big fan of Rabiot, he’s a player of the highest level,” he said at the Football Leader gala.

Ariedo Braida | Source

This entire quote is hilarious to me. Braida starts off admitting he doesn’t follow the market that closely and then goes on to talk about a player he’s a big fan of. Just discussing a player he likes with the media, no big deal.

But the fact that it gets traction in the media is amazing. Everyone’s goal in life should be to get to a point where they’re so important that they can openly admit they don’t follow something closely, proceed to discuss said thing, and still have people write about it.

Football is the best.