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Barcelona president Bartomeu confirms Griezmann meeting

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Atletico Madrid v Arsenal FC  - UEFA Europa League Semi Final Second Leg

The Antoine Griezmann to Barcelona saga has gained a bit more traction today with news that Barcelona indeed held talks with the Frenchman’s agent in October. How do we know this happened? Well, Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu actually confirmed the meeting.

“I saw Griezmann one day on holiday. We met with his agent, yes. It was in October.

”We talk with [Atleti president Enrique] Cerezo about many topics. We have a good relationship with them.”

Josep Maria Bartomeu | Source

Griezmann could still very well stay at Atletico past this season. With a rumored release clause topping €100million, the teams who could pull off the deal are obviously limited. So how Barcelona go about negotiating and discussing the move with parties from both Griezmann’s side and Atletico’s side is incredibly important.

Whatever the current state of the discussions are, it’s nice to have some confirmation that there are indeed conversations happened at the highest levels.