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Allegri discusses the possibility of Dybala joining Barcelona

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Argentina Open training Session Photo by Gabriel Rossi/Getty Images

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri discussed the possibility of Paulo Dybala joining another club this week. The move has always been something that seems looming but just wasn’t talked about much from the Juventus side.

Allegri was asked how the move would take place and the timing potentially involved.

“Would we wait for the World Championship to decide his future? No, it’s not like Higuain.

“I spoke to him before the holidays and his goal is to play another great season with us and then go to a great team to improve. If you play at Juventus you have three chances: Real, Barça or Bayern.”

Massimiliano Allegri | Source

It’s certainly nice to have the move discussed, although the timing is still somewhat unclear regarding when exactly it could take place. What does seem certain is that unless something drastically changes, Dybala looks to be staying at Juventus for at least another season.