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Thiago Alcántara and Real Madrid have a deal in place according to reports

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The midfielder could leave Bayern Munich

Spain v Morocco: Group B - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

According to Onda Cero, former Barcelona and current Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcántara has a deal in place with Real Madrid. The transfer would be a Madrid pivot towards replacing midfielder Mateo Kovacic who just left in the Thibaut Courtois transfer.

Thiago has proven his skill in recent years at the top level in both club and international competition. The diverse nature of his midfield play make him an almost instant fit at any club.

A move to Madrid would sting a bit for Barcelona supporters, as Thiago spent his early days at Barca’s youth academy.

Thiago remains under contract with the Bavarian giants till June 2021, so it remains to be seen how open they are to actually selling him. They value depth in Munich, and Thiago would be a tough piece to replace.