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Rafinha wants Thiago back at Barcelona as ‘he’d fit the team perfectly’

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The midfielder wants his brother to return

Spain v Russia: Round of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Thiago has been linked with a move back to Barcelona all summer, and one man who would certainly like to see him return is his brother Rafinha.

Rafinha spoke about Thiago after Barcelona’s International Champions Cup defeat to Roma and also offered an update on his future.

“I’d like to see him at Barça because he would fit into this team perfectly,” he said.

“[My future?] That’s completely out of my hands. The only thing on my mind is being well physically – my agents handle everything else.

“The most important thing for me is making sure I avoid getting injured. Every footballer wants to play football and I’m no different, whether I’m here or somewhere else.

“I’m ready for every outcome. If I knew about my future, I’d say so, I swear. But that’s not on my mind right now. I’ve enjoyed six great months at Inter but I’m a Barcelona player.”

Source | AS

Rafinha’s own future at the club is a little uncertain after he spent the second part of last season on loan in Serie A with Inter Milan.

His loan deal included a permanent option but a move to San Siro has failed to materialise, although there are rumors clubs such as Lazio and Spurs are interested.