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Barcelona wanted Stefano Sensi, says Sassuolo chief

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But Inter Milan moved quicker

FC Barcelona v Inter: Group F - UEFA Champions League Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Sassulo chief executive Giovanno Carnevali said that Barcelona initially wanted Stefano Sensi as well as Inter Milan. Carnevali said that Inter Milan just moved much quicker than Barcelona could, closing the deal before the Spanish champions could gain any headway.

“When I was in Barcelona for the Marlon [Santos] negotiations, one of the Barcelona executives asked me about Sensi.

“They knew about him and kept tabs on him too, but Inter were quicker. We closed the deal on a Friday, after a brief meeting at the Nerazzurri’s offices, which was also attended by Conte.”

Carnevali | Source

Sensi would have been a great fit for Barcelona. The midfielder is a goalscoring, ball playing centre midfielder who would have fit well with Barcelona’s core. Now, we watch him succeed at Inter Milan for the time being.