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Barcelona’s interest in Pepe grows stronger - report

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FC Porto v Lille - Algarve Cup Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Barcelona’s interest in Lille striker Nicolas Pepe is apparently growing stronger day by day, according to Sport. The forward has been in excellent form at Lille this year, and at only 23 years old, Barcelona are intrigued by his youth and talent.

The news of Barcelona’s interest in the player first began around September and since then the interest has only grown. More top tier clubs the likes of Bayern Munich and PSG have sniffed around Pepe, bringing his transfer fee up in all likelihood.

The new reported fee for Pepe is around 60 million euros. Certainly more than Barcelona probably thought they would have to pay back in September, but high production brings high transfer fees. If Barcelona wish to get their man this summer they’re going to have to pay more than initially expected.