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Neto wants to win Champions League at Barcelona

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The goalkeeper has been talking about his ambitions

FC Barcelona Unveil New Player Norberto Murara ‘Neto’ Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Barcelona had a bit of a backup goalkeeper problem. Jasper Cillessen wanted out, and they would need a replacement. Once Cillessen was sold, Barcelona made a move for Valencia keeper Neto. The goalie was very passionate about moving to Barcelona and all it would mean to him.

“From the moment you arrive at Barcelona, the goal every single year is to win the Champions League,” Neto said.

”It’s a source of pride for a professional, I had the chance to win it before but lost the final.

”For all the players and fans, the main reason I came to Barcelona is to fight for the Champions League.

”It’s my challenge and I’ll give my best to try and win it.”

Neto | Source

Neto comes to Barcelona on a four-year deal. As backup Barcelona keepers go, he should get a decent amount of playing time, with Barcelona hopefully going deep into multiple tournaments.