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Bayern Munich coach: If Neymar signs for Barcelona, we have a better chance of getting Dembélé

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Niko Kovač is optimistic about signing the French winger

UEFA Champions League”FC Barcelona v Liverpool FC”

Bayern Munich’s manager, Niko Kovač, is already thinking about scenarios in which Ousmane Dembélé could leave Barcelona. “if Barça finally take Neymar back from PSG, that should increase the chances of reaching an agreement for Dembélé,” the manager said.

Rumors continue to swirl that Neymar will be returning to Barcelona, but at the moment no deal has been agreed. Some reports have shown the Catalans are willing to let Dembélé go if they are getting Neymar, although this has been contradicted by other rumors that say they want to keep him.

In any case, Diario SPORT reports that Bayern’s doors are open in case the Frenchman wants to come. However that report does state that it is his intention to stay at Barça, at least for the moment.

Thiago Alcántara, who plays for Bayern and used to play for Barcelona, also spoke out on the Dembélé case: “Dembélé is a great player. I speak as a footballer and as one who has played against him, he is a very good footballer. I would like to play with any great player who wants to come to Bayern.”