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Enrique Cerezo thinks Atletico have evidence Antoine Griezman deal was done early

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The club are not happy to have only received €120 million

Enrique Cerezo during the Official Presentation of Joao... Photo by Legan P. Mace/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo reckons his club must have evidence that Barcelona agreed a deal with Antoine Griezmann before his release clause dropped.

The Spanish champions announced the arrival of the Frenchman on Friday, and Atletico responded quickly by insisting they were due €200m not €120m for the forward.

Cerezo has now followed that up by insisting the club would only have issued the statement if they had evidence to back it up.

“If the club have made this statement it’s because there’s evidence,” he said.

”We have to study it and we’ll demand the amount we consider to be necessary.

”I’m disappointed by his attitude. He wanted to leave but he didn’t tell us until the last minute.”

Source | RAC1

Barcelona have not responded to Atletico’s statement yet, but we should hear from them and Griezmann over the weekend as the club’s latest signing of unveiled is Sunday.