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Antoine Griezmann’s lawyer hits back at Atletico Madrid after Barcelona move

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The player is ‘very disappointed’ with his former club

Andorra V France Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann’s lawyer, Sevan Karian, has hit back at Atletico Madrid for their response to his move to Barcelona.

The Rojiblancos released a statement on Friday, after Barca had announced Griezmann, saying they believed they are owed €200m and not €120m for the Frenchman.

Karian has now responded with his version of events and spoke of the player’s disappointment with his former club.

“Antoine is very disappointed by the attitude of Atletico and their leaders, who are acting in bad faith and are communicating the opposite of what they told him in person,” he said.

“The decision to demand this further 80m euros is not understood at Barcelona, while Griezmann’s lawyer is not concerned by Atletico’s threat to take legal action.

”Let them do as they see fit, we will do the same if necessary.”

Source | L’Equipe

Griezmann arrived at Barcelona on Saturday ahead of his official unveiling at the club on Sunday. He will then join up with the rest of the team for pre-season training next week.