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Thomas Tuchel talks about Neymar wanting to leave PSG

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The boss has known for a little while

Neymar Jr’s Five World Final 2019 Photo by Christian Pondella/Getty Images

Paris Saint-Germain boss Thomas Tuchel has confirmed Neymar wants to leave the club but does not know if he will depart the club this summer.

Barcelona have been heavily linked with a move for their former star, and Tuchel says he’s known since before the Copa America he wanted out.

“I am always disappointed when a player turns up late. But it is clear between us, now it is between the club and Ney. We work together,” he said.

”Did I know he wanted to leave? Yes, I found out before the Copa America. But it is something between the club and Ney.

”I am the coach, it’s my player. If he is in the locker room, this is my player and I work with him.”

Source | RMC

The rumor mill has been going crazy with rumors of Neymar’s possible return to Barcelona. The latest reports have claimed the clubs are talking but Barcelona are yet to make an offer for the Brazilian.