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Neymar’s injury problems worry Barcelona medical staff - report

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The Brazilian has missed large chunks with foot problems


Neymar’s recent run of injuries have reportedly worried Barcelona’s medical staff. The Barcelona brass have apparently solicited the advice of several specialists regarding the metatarsal injury that Neymar has struggled with through the years.

The thread goes like this: Neymar broke the bone in his first year at PSG, then the next year broke the same bone, and most recently has been out with an ankle sprain. The specialists that Barcelona have solicited, seem to think that the ankle sprain could actually be the exact same bone that has troubled him over the last couple years.

Some of this is undoubtedly based in speculation. Until a proper medical is completed, the concerns that this again is the same injury can’t be verified. Apparently, if this is a recurring problem the best long term fix would be to perform a bone graft.

Either way, the swarm of concern around Neymar’s foot is causing them to second guess making the move at all.