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Barcelona ready to move on Antoine Griezmann in the next three days - report

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The club are closing in on the World Cup winner

Andorra V France Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

According to Sport, Barcelona are ready to move on Antoine Griezmann in the next 72 hours. Once July 1st hit, his buyout clause dropped to €120m, a much more reasonable number for Barcelona to hit.

The move could come late this week before the weekend arrives. The transfer itself will be interesting due to how Barcelona will get to the €120m number. Since the cost is so high, Barcelona are apparently “looking at every available option”. This could mean a player going back to Atletico, but could also mean offloading a player elsewhere for cash before the deal would take place.

Both teams are meeting for training camp again within the next week. Barcelona are moving fast to avoid Griezmann heading back to Atletico camp. A move that might muddy up the waters between the two clubs’ communication.