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Barcelona ask Neymar to halt any Real Madrid move - report

The Brazilian's future remains unclear

Paris Saint-Germain v Stade Rennais FC - Pre-game Training Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Sport are reporting that Barcelona have asked Neymar to take a stand. In recent weeks, the Barcelona and PSG negotiations over Neymar haven’t made any significant progress. As a result of that, Real Madrid’s name has become much more prevalent in the transfer discussions.

As Barcelona and PSG dance around each other trying to find the right deal, Barcelona have apparently asked Neymar to make it known that he only wishes to go to Barcelona. A move that would certainly force PSG’s hand as one would assume it would force Real Madrid to step down from the discussions.

At this point we seem to be getting really close to finding out how much Neymar wants to go to Barcelona versus how much he just wants out of Paris. It’s just a matter of waiting, and sifting through rumor after rumor.

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