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Barcelona ‘closer’ to Neymar deal after PSG talks, says director

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Club officials have been in Paris to discuss a move

Paris Saint-Germain v Stade Rennais FC - Pre-game Training Photo by Zhe Ji/Getty Images

Barcelona are getting “closer” to sealing a deal to bring Neymar back to the Camp Nou from PSG, according to director Javier Bordas.

Officials from the Catalan giants have been in Paris for talks about a move for the Brazilian, and Bordas offered an update after landing at Barcelona’s El Prat airport.

“There’s still no deal, we’re negotiating and we’re closer, but I can’t say anything more,” he said.

Source | Sport

Reports have suggested Barcelona could sign Neymar for €170 million to be paid in two installments, although there are still claims PSG want players included in any deal.