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DAD ALERT: Neymar Sr. comments on his son’s footballing future

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The Brazilian is being linked with a Barcelona return

Neymar At National Court On FC Barcelona Fraud Investigation Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

For those of you who paid close attention to Neymar’s transfer out of Barcelona in 2017, you’re well familiar with Neymar Sr. For those of you who aren’t, welcome to the show.

Neymar’s father likes to play a close role in his son’s career. That includes talking to the press every time anything happens or is rumored to happen with his son. This summer will be no different. This time around, Neymar Sr. commented on how his son’s future will play out.

”He is always the one who chooses which path to take,” he said. “We only work administratively so that he has the best contract, putting him in the best home and having the best managing of his career.”

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