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Braithwaite: I deserve to be at Barcelona

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The striker doesn’t like the ‘emergency signing’ tag

Barcelona V Real Sociedad Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Martin Braithwaite was interviewed by AFP this week. The newly signed Barcelona attacker discussed his arrival to the club. I think if you asked most people, they would say that Braithwaite was by definition a late, emergency signing. However, Braithwaite insisted he was up for the test and deserved to be at Barca.

“People see me as the emergency signing because that was how I got here,” he says.

“What people don’t know is that for so many years I’ve put in my mind that I want to be here. It’s not a coincidence.

“I’m at Barca, I signed for four years and I see my future here.”

Braithwaite | Source

Braithwaite has already proven his worth in a few matches since arriving. It’ll be interesting to see his role in the club once the transfer window opens and Barcelona sign more support up front.