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Neymar is Lionel Messi’s ‘natural replacement’ at Barcelona, says Mazinho

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The Brazilian has been linked with a Barcelona return

International Champions Cup FC Barcelona Training Session Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

Former Brazilian international Mazinho spoke about Barcelona’s Neymar situation this week. The World Cup winner, and father of Thiago and Rafina, remained confident that the true long-term replacement for Messi at Barca is in fact Neymar.

”[Barcelona] would be delighted if he can return tomorrow,” he said.

”He is Messi’s natural replacement.

”There is no other to replace Messi.”

Mazinho | Source

The take in of itself is pretty accurate. I think if you think about things in a narrative sense, Neymar is the perfect replacement for Messi as the face of Barcelona. If you’re talking about the next five to 10 years that is.