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Bayern set to extend Coutinho’s loan - report

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The Brazilian will stay until the end of the season

SD Huesca v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Xavier Bonilla/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Bayern Munich and Barcelona agreed to a deal that would see Coutinho’s tenure at Bayern extended to the end of the season. Sky is reporting that the deal would see Coutinho stay eligible to play for Bayern once the Champions League returns in August.

Coutinho has been in the mix of a number of transfer rumors this summer. Particularly involving Premier League clubs like Chelsea. Reports have made it clear that Coutinho is pretty hopeful to return to the Premier League.

The Covid-19 crisis brought economic uncertainty to plenty of transfer possibilities this summer. Barcelona’s desire to get as much of the £145m back they paid for Coutinho might hold up permanent deals from taking place that involve the Brazilian.