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Leonardo admits PSG were tempted to make Lionel Messi move

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The French champions discussed signing the GOAT


Paris Saint-Germain director Leonardo has admitted his club were tempted by the thought of bringing in Lionel Messi from Barcelona.

The Ligue 1 champions were one of several clubs linked with the Barcelona captain after he told the Catalan giants he wanted to leave.

Leonardo says news Messi wanted out was of interest for his club but any move would have been financially difficult.

“We certainly thought about it. There’s a complicated situation with Financial Fair Play, but when we heard Messi could be on the market… it tempted us.

“We asked ourselves if it really was possible. There are some players who are completely out of the ordinary. The problem now is that all the clubs need to sell before they can buy and PSG are no different. But it’s difficult, because nobody is buying.”

Source | Canal+

Messi has since announced in an interview he will be staying, but it remains to be seen if he will continue at the Camp Nou after his contract expires next summer.