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Transfer fee Atletico paid Barcelona for Luis Suarez revealed

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The striker moved last summer

Atletico de Madrid v RC Celta - La Liga Santander Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

When Barcelona and Luis Suarez parted ways over the summer, it was mostly amicable between the two teams in negotiations. Barcelona were ready to end things with Suarez, and Atletico were happy to take advantage of what was sure to be a good deal given the circumstances.

The assumption, at least from much of the online speculation, was that the transfer was free with a few add-ons sprinkled in. Well, hold your breath, because the true transfer price has finally been revealed.

Sport is reporting that they’ve seen the documents that outline the true cost of Suarez for Atletico Madrid. The report says that Atletico paid €5 million upfront for Suarez with a potential of €6 million additionally being added on for performance and things alike.

Apparently, Suarez was pretty insistent on his transfer out being free, and the deal for the small sum was done behind his back. Which I personally, find hilarious.