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Xavi to have Barcelona clause in new Al-Sadd contract

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The coach will be allowed to depart for the Camp Nou

Al Ain FC v Al Sadd SC - AFC Champions League Photo by Simon Holmes/Getty Images

It’s safe to say that despite Ronald Koeman’s current level of comfort at Barcelona, that it could flip on its head at any point. When, not if things go slightly sour between Koeman and Barcelona, there is a name that will immediately hit the papers and online community.

Xavi Hernandez. The Barca legend is currently succeeding at Al-Sadd. Barca wants to make sure that bringing Xavi back to Barca is more of a Zidane at Real Madrid sort of experience rather than a Lampard at Chelsea experience.

The good news for Barcelona is that when they and Xavi both feel that the time has come for that to happen, his contract may make things easy.

A report from Sport outlines that despite Xavi circling a renewal with Al-Sadd, his contract will allow him to move to Barca at “any time” without “financial compensation” should his move come during his existing contract. Certainly good news for both parties.